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Finding Treasures for your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day is a reminder of this most coveted gift and many are working hard to make the day special by giving chocolates, flowers, perfume or a candlelit dinner with a spectacular view.

As classic and tried-and-tested as these are, express love in a different way and make it more meaningful. Give things that have deeper meaning, that make love more valuable, timeless and worth giving.

Joana Almagro has created these treasures that are perfect gifts for the loved ones and even for oneself. After all, self-love is another form of love.

There is a reason why many brides wear pearl -- pearls, particularly the white ones, symbolize purity, faith and honesty. For the gentlemen, take note of this tidbit and consider giving her a pearl to make her feel loved and treasured.

Choose either the Agro Pearl Necklace, made of Swarovski ivory pearls and oval sunflower crystals, or the Ekoch Swarovski Bracelet, made of Swarovski ivory pearls and Bernstein crystals, to give to the woman who holds a special place in your heart. If you fancy both, the better as she would feel more important. She'll definitely be happy to add it to her jewelry collection.

For the ladies, you may give him the Gold Reversible Bomber Jacket. Yes it is shiny, shimmery, splendid and it will for sure look good on your man. Yellow or its variations is one of the colors of the year, and this bomber jacket with big lapel collar and raglan sleeves will not only keep him warm especially this time of the year but is going to be a unique piece in his closet because of its style and make which is made from vegan leatherette.

Ladies, look your best by donning the Imara Midi Dress in light blue or the classic black. Look smashing in the dress with the bow tie neckline, short sleeves and V-cut back for your night out with your sweetheart. Pair it up with any of the Joana Almagro jewelry for that picture perfect date night outfit. This is a classic dress, like the LBD (little black dress) that every fashionista must have.

All of Joana Almagro's pieces are not just made to be visually appealing, but they're also made with the environment in mind.

For couples, you may surprise each other with Joana Almagro sweaters from the Chutzpah and Dreams Are Handmade (D.A.H.M) line. Comfy, colorful and fun, snuggle up on the couch with these conscientiously made sweaters while at home, drinking your favorite mug of hot choco.

Joana Almagro is a fashion brand that stands by vertor regenerare or the "reuse and regenerate" concept. Each fabric in each collection are made from end-of-line materials, meaning no fabric was wasted, but instead made into something useful and beautiful. This goes the same to every Joana Almagro jewellery, with the crystals degraded and reused to make a new collection.

Love becomes even more meaningful with purpose and intention. With Joana Almagro carefully crafting gift ideas that symbolize more than what the eye can see and conscientiously making an effort to love and take care of the environment as best as it can, Valentine's Day and any other day is made more special.

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