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Chinese New Year is going to be celebrated around the 12th of February this year. It should be a cause for celebration but with the pandemic, celebrations are muted. This doesn't mean, though, that the Year of the Metal Ox will just pass by without much fare and sass!

Stay comfortably at home still looking good with Joana Almagro. (Bouffant Frilled Top Shirt and Rose Jumpsuit) Although we cannot have a big celebration yet sending small gifts like the Ampao card "Chinese red envelopes" and flowers will surely lift the spirits of our love ones.

Chutzpah is embodied in Joana Almagro's Chutzpah collection -- don the La Source Blue or Grey Sweater Dress or the Chutzpah Black Sweater while cooped up in your home. Pair it with the Creme Wool Mix Trouser for more warmth.

Not do you only need chutzpah for the year ahead. Continue dreaming for a better year because only you can make your dreams come true.

Wear your dream on your sleeves with the Dreams Are Handmade (D.A.H.M.) Pink or Orange Sweater. Perfect for wearing outside for that short grocery run or errands. Put over it the Joana Almagro Grey Trench Coat. and don't forget to wear your mask.

Made from 20% recycled bottles and 80% organic cotton, Joana Almagro sweaters are conscientiously made with the enviroment in mind. These will also be good to sleep in. For an even comfortable sleep, wear over your eyes our new sleeping masks -- chic and shiny in leopard print, sequins and our signature Adriane stripe.

Whether you're single or committed, it's your call on how you want to tackle the year ahead. Face the year ahead with love and chutzpah.

(The main image above is courtesy by Julia Jauner stylist)

Find Joana Almagro on Instagram (@joanaalmagrolabelofficial) and visit our shop for our newest collection.


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